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Google Reviews

Geoff and Jan Rees
Geoff and Jan Rees
We engaged New Leaf to assist us to understand major hedge planting obscuring our views as well as light. They have produced a very comprehensive report which has presented all the key options to encourage our neighbour to adjust his planting so as to reestablish views and light. Their report is very appropriate to allow a resolution of our hedging issue.
Kerrie Lloyd
Kerrie Lloyd
Thank you!😊 Jacki Brown Arboricultural Consultant assessed our trees which are in a Heritage Conservation area and over 100 years old for their health, condition and safety to ours and our neighbours property. The report was detailed and suitable for legal purposes, the service was prompt, professional and an objective un-biased report. We are very grateful for your expertise and for your detailed report, very informative and beneficial.
Valenta Flor
Valenta Flor
Jacki attended my property for an Arboricultural assessment. She is very professional and knowledgeable regarding the trees and the noxious weeds. Jacki provided an assessment straight away and it's very friendly to work with her. She knows to ask the right questions to ensure the customers are happy with the outcome.
Blacknwhite A
Blacknwhite A
Really friendly and understanding. Many thanks, Jacki, for all your efforts.
Charmaine C
Charmaine C
Jacki has recently provided us with an Arboricultural Assessment Report for a number of trees, the roots of some have caused damage to building/ sewer lines. She discussed which trees can be removed and which can be retained and what precautionary measures need to be taken to prevent further damages. We found Jacki very professional, very approachable and easy to work with, She fully understood the task commissioned. Was thorough in her examination during the site visit. She listened well and addressed all our queries. Jacki's report is a very objective one. She presented her professional expert opinions and was not at all influenced by how we felt should happen to the trees. Her report shall help us move forward in our dispute with the owner of the trees. We highly recommend Jacki and her team.
bakos patros
bakos patros
It was great to work with Jacki and she has been absolutely a great helper to assist our project and deliver high quality document to support our work. Also you can learn a lot working along with Jacki as she is so happy to provide you with any information related to tree removal or pruning. It was great working with you Jacki.
Anthony Cordato
Anthony Cordato
Jacki provided an expert arborist's report for, and also appeared as an expert witness, at the hearing of a High Hedge dispute between two neighbours in the Shire. The neighbour had planted a thick bamboo hedge which had grown to 8 metres high (the height of a large 2 storey house). Jacki's report and evidence were invaluable, and the Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court made the orders sought which were to trim the bamboo hedge to 4 metres and keep it trimmed to restore the view over the bay.
John Barich
John Barich
It was great to work with the Jacki and the team at NLA. Professional service, and would work round the clock accomodating any urgent appointments! I would highly recommended to anyone thinking about appointing an Arborist for their project.

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Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance means you’re in safe hands.


No affiliation with tree contracting companies means independent unbiased advice.

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