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Our Capabilities

Arboricultural services

Tree Assessment Consultation

Tree inspection by an AQF5 qualified Arborist to provide advice on tree management, tree health and safety and all tree related concerns.

Arboricultural services

Arboricultural Reports

Best practice Arborist reports for Council, Development Application, Legal matters, Tree Risk Assessment, property management and more.

Arboricultural services

Project Arborist Services

Inspections, Tree Protection certifications, on site advice during construction and other compliance and development consent requirements.

Tree Health, Condition & Structure

AQF5 arborist advice on tree health, condition and structure to guide management decisions and priorities.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Assessing the impact of development works on trees, to optimise the retention of healthy trees and address Council DA requirements.

Tree Risk Assessment

Utilising world’s best practice Tree Risk Assessment methodology and risk management approach tailored to trees.

Tree Survey

Accurate and effective large scale assessments of tree populations on commercial, institutional, and development sites, on public and private land.

Root Mapping

Investigation into the location and extent of tree roots to help with development planning and property maintenance.

Tree Protection Plan

CAD prepared tree plans for accurately locating, identifying and categorising trees, and specifications for tree protection in accordance with Australian Standard AS4970.

Tree Management & Maintenance

Detailed, prioritised plans for management and maintenance of trees to allow property owners to proactively care for their trees and reduce hazards.

Tree Valuation

Assessment of a tree’s value in monetary terms, considering environmental, social, aesthetic and direct economic values of the tree in its location.

Tree Damage Assessment

Assessment of tree related damage to property such as buildings, walls and services, and remediation advice or further investigation.