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Project Arborist Services

New Leaf provides Project Arborist services for projects for our existing clients only. We provide best practice input including tree protection plans (CAD prepared), construction tree management plans and specifications, certifications, monitoring and inspections of trees on development sites and works near trees. The Project Arborist process follows on from the Impact Assessment (AIA) which should be completed during the planning stage. Because of this continuity, we currently do not provide Project Arborist services where the AIA report was done by another arborist, due to the variability in the standard of reports.

If you’d like to engage the highest quality arboricultural advice, the best plan of action is to proactively engage New Leaf Arboriculture at the beginning of your project (site assessment – before designs are developed, and prior to DA submission). Check out the Arboricultural Reports page for details.

Councils and other governing bodies and project managers increasingly require projects with trees on site to have a Project Arborist. The role of the Project Arborist is to assess the impacts that are likely to result from the works on site, including earthworks, demolition, services trenches, footings, structures and landscaping. Where such works are within the identified Tree Protection Zone of trees on site (12 x trunk diameter at 1.4m) the Project Arborist should be on site, unless already assessed as acceptable works. The Arborist may measure, record and prune roots while on site, and in some cases will require tree roots to remain in place.

New Leaf is responsive to client timeline requirements to ensure unnecessary delays are minimised. The Arborist will work with you to find solutions which will minimise impacts on trees while achieving project requirements.

If you have worked with an arborist other than New Leaf for the AIA portion of your project, it is recommended that you seek a Project Arborist who is an Accredited member of the Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists (IACA).

project arborist services

Tree protection during development works is vital for ongoing tree health and stability. Tree Protection Zone signage is available at the New Leaf shop.