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Tree Assessment Consultation

A tree assessment consultation will include arboricultural inspection of the tree or trees, discussion of the issues during which the arborist will listen to your concerns and explain any concepts or regulations relevant to the situation, and give preliminary advice about how to move forward.

Arboricultural services

The benefits of receiving tree advice from an AQF Level 5 qualified arborist include the ability to provide options and solutions considering the individual situation which go beyond “remove or prune” – as a result of having a broad understanding of tree health management, tree root architecture, structural properties, species characteristics and many other areas of Arboricultural science. In the case of New Leaf Arboriculture, Jacki Brown (Arboricultural Consultant) also has a background in landscape design and bush regeneration, and provides advice which considers design factors as well as the ecosystem.

A consultation may be a standalone service, where the advice gives you enough clarity to manage the tree and its surroundings appropriately into the future. In some cases the consultation may be just the starting point, providing a clear pathway of the services and actions needed to manage the situation, such as a tree management report, risk assessment, application to Council, further investigation such as root mapping or internal decay diagnostics, pruning or other tree maintenance tasks.

As you can see, best practice tree management focuses on much more than just the tree itself, as the surrounding structures, soil conditions, microclimate, maintenance availability and legal status all contribute to the condition and longevity of the tree.

For qualified, objective advice about your trees, request a fee proposal or get in touch.

Qualified advice is the best place to start in effectively and efficiently managing trees.