Trees, like all assets in developed areas, need to be managed and maintained. Intelligent decision making based on arboricultural knowledge and urban forestry principles results in healthy sustainable green spaces.

New Leaf helps people to manage their trees in a cost-effective, sustainable way to optimise the health, vitality and beauty for the benefits they provide in our communities and the global environment we live in. The vision of New Leaf is to have all trees managed with a high level of consideration for the larger urban forest context.

Glad You Chose New Leaf

These are just a few of the reasons you’ll be glad you chose New Leaf Arboriculture

Reduce Project Delays

By engaging professional Arboricultural advice from the beginning of your project, you can find out in advance where the potential delays could be and how to avoid them.

Advice You Can Trust

Knowledge and experience in providing specialist advice on trees and their surroundings, high quality service with integrity, trusted by Councils, government bodies, building and planning professionals as well as individual property owners and community members.

Increase Property Value

Healthy trees which have been well managed with advice from an arboriculturist, are an asset that will benefit people’s health and comfort in their homes, in public and work environments, and increase the value of property and people’s interest in spending time outdoors.

The vision of New Leaf star icon

Ethical & Independent

Providing expert advice about trees with no affiliations with tree removal or pruning companies means that New Leaf Arboriculture advice is independent and unbiased towards any particular outcome. Retention and sensible management of trees is recognised as the first preference wherever possible.

Ecologically Sustainable

New Leaf aims to minimise resource use directly during our operations, but also provide advice and recommendations which make sustainable use of resources such as water, energy, disposable products, transport, manufacturing and chemical use. We strive to increase the urban forest through sensible tree selection and retention.

Best Practice Methods

We use tried and tested methodologies, in specialised assessments such as tree risk assessment, tree valuation, and visual tree assessment, and stay up to date with other arboricultural professionals as well as experts in relevant industries to ensure continual improvement and high quality.