MycoGold for Tree Health

MycoGold for Tree Health


Boost your trees’ health using nature’s own symbiotic relationships with this Australian-produced complete balanced mycorrhiza blend including trichoderma & beneficial bacteria.

Most soils in Australia have had their mycorrhizal population destroyed via overuse of pesticides, urban development and soil degradation, which has increased plants’ reliance on expensive and resource intensive treatments like fertiliser, pesticides and water. Healthy soils are a self-sustaining life force.

Restoring the biodiversity of your soil with MycoGold for tree health is an investment in environmental and human health that starts with your garden.

Shelf life: 1 year

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Can MycoGold Improve the Tree Health of my Tree Species?:

Some popular Endomycorrhizal* tree species which are MycoGold compatible include Acacia, Araucaria, Ash, Avocado, Camellia, Cypress, Elm, Eucalyptus (endo/ecto), Fig, Hibiscus, Juniper, Magnolia, Mango, Maples (all), Melaleuca, Pistachio, Pittosporum, Plum, Pear, Podocarpus, Sweet Gum/Liquidambar, Sycamore/Plane Tree.

MycoGold will also help less common species: Alder (endo/ecto), Almond, Apple, Apricot, Aspen (endo/ecto), Bamboo, Banana, Beech (endo/ecto), Birch, Black Cherry, Black Locust, Box Elder, Boxwood,  Cedar, Cherry, Chinese Tallow, Citrus (all), Coconut, Coffee, Coral Tree, Cottonwood, Crab Tree, Dogwood, Erythrina, Green Ash, Ligustrum, Lilac, Lychee, Mimosa, Mountain Laurel, Mulberry, Myrtaceae, Myrtle, Pacific Yew, Palms (all), Papaya, Paulownia, Paw Paw, Peach, Pecan, Persimmon,  Poinsettia, Poplar (endo/ecto), Privet, Redwood, Raphiolepis, Rubber, Sequoia, Sourwood,  Taxus, Teak, Walnut, Willow (endo/ecto).

Ectomycorrhizal** tree species which are MycoGold compatible include: Eucalypt, Oak, Pine,  as well as Alder, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Chestnut, Cottonwood, Fir, Hazelnut, Hemlock, Larch, Linden, Pecan, Spruce.

Non Mycorrhizal Trees may benefit from MycoGold, and won’t be harmed although it hasn’t been scientifically proven to be beneficial. Other microbes and ingredients in this product are beneficial to these plants: Banksia, Protea, Rhododendron.

*Endomycorrhiza is a type of mycorrhiza in which the fungal hyphae penetrate the root cells, but do not form a mantle.

**Ectomycorrhiza is a type of mycorrhiza in which the fungal hyphae wrap around the plant root and form a mantle, but do not penetrate the root cells.

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